Harold Halibut – German Translation

Harold Halibut by Slow Bros. is an adventure game about life on an undersea spaceship. As Harold Halibut, experience a captivating, cinematic story with a unique stop-motion aesthetic.

The game is now available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! I was invited to contribute to the German translation.


“It’s been 250 years since your home – an ark-like spaceship – fled an Earth on the verge of cold war to find a habitable planet to preserve the human race.

You are Harold, a young lab assistant for the ship’s lead scientist, Jeanne Mareaux. While most of the ship’s inhabitants have reconciled themselves to a life lived aboard the sunken ship, Mareaux still works tirelessly to find a way for the ship to leave the planet and find a new, dryer home.

But the weird, wonderful and diverse people of the FEDORA I keep Harold busy too… Until one fateful encounter plunges Harold into a world no one could have imagined – and one that may hold the key to Mareaux’s re-launch plans.”


Harold Halibut in the PlayStation Store

Harold Halibut for Xbox Series X|S


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