About me

Hi folks!

My name is Marcel Weyers and when I’m not writing a book, I edit novels, translate video games, or travel around the world! Most recently I was traveling in Australia and was either diving with sharks or cuddling with wombats.

The key data

I was born in 1991 and grew up in the beautiful cathedral city of Limburg an der Lahn in Germany. Today I live with my husband in Dresden. Ever since I was little, I have devoured books – nowadays I read about 120 books a year (follow me on Goodreads!) – and was fascinated by languages. That’s the reason why I have been working professionally with texts since 2011 and supporting authors, publishers, and developers in the implementation of their projects. Whether writing, translating, or proofreading – I love good stories!


Apart from reading, I love to travel – for example in New Zealand and Australia. If you want to accompany me on my adventures, have a look at driftr. I often work remotely, so feel free to contact me if you need help with a project! I’d be happy if you’d write to me!

Readings/Signing sessions

October 25, 2011 – Bad Camberg (Hohenfeldklinik)
October 26, 2011 – Limburg (Diakonisches Werk)
January 31,2012 – Bad Camberg (Hohenfeldklinik)
March 27,2012 – Bad Camberg (Hohenfeldklinik)
March 28, 2012 – Diez (Stadtbibliothek)
April 15, 2012 – Münster (Galerie im Mühlweg)
April 27, 2012 – Linter (Katholische Kirche)
December 14, 2012 – Niederbrechen (Katholische Öffentliche Bücherei)
April 2, 2013 – Bad Camberg (Hohenfeldklinik)
November 5, 2013 – Bad Camberg (Hohenfeldklinik)
November 14, 2013 – Diez (Stadtbibliothek)
October 29, 2018 – Signing session at the Thalia bookstore in Limburg


October 10th–14th, 2012 – Frankfurt Book Fair
November 29, 2015 – BuchBerlin
March 17th–18th, 2018 – Leipzig Book Fair
October 12th–14th, 2018 – Frankfurt Book Fair

October 12, 2019 – PAX Aus (Melbourne)
March 12th–15th, 2020 – Leipzig Book Fair
May 15, 2021 – Limbuch 2020


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