Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness – German Translation

Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness by PsychoDev is a Lovecraftian point’n’click adventure with a retro art style, inspired by the early 90s Lucasarts classics. The game is now available in German.


“Private Investigator Lone Carter regains consciousness to find himself lying on a beach near Innsmouth. His body has been ripped apart. He tries to pull his last cigarette from the pack, but his arm fails to obey. As he fades away into death, terror growing in his eyes, he remembers in dreadful glimpses his fatal encounter with the Shoggoth…

An endless period of darkness ensues.

Then, some fire burning within awakens him, and he returns, completely recovered and unharmed – but he would never be the same. He is haunted by terrible visions, nightmares hinting at ineffable, horrifying truths. He needs to get back home, to understand what happened to him – but escaping from Innsmouth will only be the first step in his journey. In his hometown of Arkham, a mystery awaits for him. A disappearance. A ritual murder. A plot that intertwines different characters, different places, even different eras. An adventure that will test your wits and drag you to the very limits of your sanity… and perhaps beyond.”



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