The Divine Speaker – Demo and Kickstarter

The Divine Speaker by Two and a Half Studios is a fantasy BL visual novel with a focus on characters and storytelling. The game features NSFW scenes for players 18+ and the full version is planned for a release in Q4 2020/Q1 2021. The demo is now available and if you like it, please consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign!


“The birth of a child heralds many things – change, adaption, confusion, but most importantly… The Judgement. A newly born child’s first destination isn’t its mother’s arms, but the embrace of another. The Divine Speaker, the person tasked with determining a child’s destiny from the day they are born till the day they die. This destiny is determined by lottery. The Speaker’s hand, guided by the forces above, always chooses the correct fate for the correct child. This Judgement guides them on the path to eventually becoming the person they were always destined to be. In the Kingdom of Aurelia Cavella, your destiny is decided for you, from the day you’re born till the day you’ll die. However, this is by no means based on luck. The Beings Above that protect the land guide the Speaker into finding the correct fate for the correct child. Aurelia Cavella is the only civilization on the planet, and that is how its always been, as far as the residents are concerned. Outside, an endless forest that is both dangerous and uninhabitable. Raen grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned by his parents for his poor Judgement. However, he enjoyed his upbringing and learnt a lot of practical skills, and loves children. He finds them easier to understand than adults. He lives his life cooking, cleaning and raising the other kids. However, when Raen is expelled from his home on a death sentence, he must begin to come to terms with the fact that there might be something else out there after all, and that Aurelia Cavella isn’t all that it seems. Just like Pandora’s Box, once his eyes are opened to the truth, he can never close them again.”



  1. Warum sind deutsche Visual Novel Übersetzungen fast immer westliche LGBTQ oder Otome? Gibt so viele original japanische Visual Novels mit süßen Mädels. Auch da gibt es welche mit 18+ Szenen, die man gut übersetzen könnte. Loli, Kuudere, Tsundere, Yandere, Genki Girls, Vampire. Gibt alle Variationen.

    • Hallo!

      Das liegt zum größten Teil daran, dass japanische Entwickler oft kein Interesse haben, ihre Spiele auf den westlichen Markt zu bringen – selbst englische Übersetzungen sind da rar. Meine bisherigen Bemühungen, eine original japanische Visual Novel zu übersetzen, haben bisher leider nichts gebracht. Es gibt zwar ein paar Fanübersetzungen, jedoch verdiene ich damit mein Geld und kann meine Dienste daher nicht umsonst anbieten.

      Die Entwickler von „The Divine Speaker“ hatten mich bezüglich einer deutschen Übersetzung kontaktiert und da habe ich sehr gern angenommen. Generell scheinen sich Otome und LGBTQ Games derzeit am besten im Westen zu verkaufen.

      Viele Grüße

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