Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm Demo – English Translation

Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm by Marlex is the third installment of the popular vampire retro 2D RPG series from Germany. A story full of vampires, blood, and tragic moments awaits you!

I’m happy to have contributed a part to the English translation of the demo and will most likely also be involved in the translation of the full version.

Play the demo on Steam now and add the game to your wishlist! And for all those who don’t know the series yet: Parts 1 and 2 are available for free on the official website:


“Follow Asgar Serran’s bloody path through a world in which humankind only has the Holy Crusade to prevent extinction. Is there still hope or will the vampires finally conquer the world? And what dark purpose do the ancient Elras have by hunting the vampires mercilessly?”


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