Flights by Tony Ruano – German Translation

Flights by Tony Ruano is a book full of poems and short stories for young and old.

Together with the illustrations of his granddaughter, Kelsy C. Ruano, a fabulous book has been created! I am happy to have translated the poems and short stories into German. Have a read!

Pages: 47 pages
Release date: October 31, 2019

“Tony Ruano and Kelsy C. Ruano come together to create a fabulous Children Book that consist of twelve poems, a short story, and nineteen illustrations beautifully and creatively done. An awesome poetic an artistic travel to recreate magical children’s world, and transport the readers, together with the protagonists, all the time thru the book. The imagination is the mood that serves as atmosphere in the poetry and narrative ambience. The visual effects, build into the magic displayed in the colorful illustrations, are a real gift to the vision and soul. A work of Art and Literature recommended for readers of all ages. Flights will transport you to a world of color and magical moments that you never forget.” 

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