Walkthrough for Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

Ending 1: Don’t Close Your Eyes
Go to bed.

Ending 2: The Monster In The Drawer
Look into the drawer.

Ending 3: Jump To Death
Click on the window and decide to jump.

Ending 4: Vampire Attack
When you can search the room for the second time, click on the notebook and end the search.

Ending 5: Be Quiet
Avoid the vampire ending and choose “Scream”.

Ending 6: Train Run
In the forest decide to “Follow the lights”.

Ending 7: Cliff Diving
In the forest decide to “Jump off the cliff”.

Ending 8: Not A Coward
In the forest decide to “Face the pursuer”.

Ending 9: Animal Attack
In the forest decide to “Keep running”.

Ending 10: Bad Dream
Become friends with Haru; thank him for commenting your room, say that you love horror movies, click on the picture in the upper left and say that he’s actually kinda cute, don’t click on the notebook to avoid the vampire ending, face your pursuer in the forest.