The Raven Saga

The Raven Saga is a five-part ebook series about witches, time travels, and the mysterious raven man Corvus Raven. Seventeen-year-old Abigail Willows is everything but your usual heroine; as a freak and an outcast she carves out her existence in contemporary Salem without many friends. Corvus Raven, self-proclaimed charmer and gentleman of the 17th century, literally turns her life upside down. A supernatural schmaltzy book? Fat chance! The ill-matched couple only connects their hate relationship and their sarcasm. However, they have to work together, because when they learn about the truth of the witches, they are confronted with a difficult decision. Witches, time travelers, and mysterious raven figures – just what did Abigail get into?

There is a total of 5 episodes. The episodes of The Raven Saga are short, connected stories, building up towards a big finale. The series connects horror and fantasy elements with historical events, and is everything but an usual supernatural YA series. The first book was released in August 2014. Visit the official Facebook page of the Raven Saga to get the latest news.

  1. Raven Blood – Awakened in the Dead of Night (August 2014)
  2. Raven Tears – Lost by Midnight (November 2014)
  3. Raven Poison – Forever Damned  (February 2015)
  4. Raven Death – Died in the Moonlight (May 2015)
  5. Raven Paradox – Whom The Bell Tolls (February 2018)