Witching Spell – Lonely Eternity

Title: Witching Spell – Lonely Eternity
Genre: Horror, fantasy, historical novel
Release: June 12, 2015
Format: eBook
Word count: ~ 5.000
ASIN: B087394D6H
ISBN: 9783968582016
Languages: German, English
Price: 0,00 €


“My name is Emily Stoughton. I am a witch. Ever since I came into this world, I’ve wondered who I am and where witches come from. There is no more dangerous time for a witch than the 17th century, and in Salem at that. Having a troubled brother and a hateful father doesn’t make things any better. But one fateful day, everything was to change. Will I be lonely forever? Or are the witches not doomed after all?”


  1. This is the story of Emily Stoughton.
  2. Some scenes overlap with the visual novel Raven Curse.
  3. The cover was created under laborious work by Buchgewand.

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