To Kill A Black Swan

To Kill A Black Sawn

A short murder mystery visual novel about a detective, a yoga course attendant, a grieving wife, an obsessed cleaner, a “bro”, and a bitchy friend. To Kill A Black Swan is not your average whodunit, nothing is as it seems to be, it is all about superficiality (and beneath the surface it has an important message to tell.) TKABS was created for the 2014 Indie Game Development Contest and is available for free. The title is inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, but it is an original story.

Story, characters, music – Marcel Weyers
Sprites –, edited by Marcel Weyers
Backgrounds –, edited by Marcel Weyers
Additional graphics – Torsten Sohrmann
Sound effects –
Proofreaders – Reika Aoyama, kisa
Engine – Ren’Py

German translation – Marcel Weyers
Polish translation – Damian K.
Dutch translation – Bob Reus (

Title: To Kill A Black Swan
Release: June 25, 2014
Genre: Short story, murder mystery
Rated: 16+
Resolution: 1280×800
Platforms: Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Endings: 1 true ending, bad endings with variations
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Polish
Version: 1.4


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