Unbound: Worlds Apart – German Translation

Unbound: Worlds Apart by Alien Pixel Studio is a challenging, atmospheric, and hand-drawn puzzle platformer in which you take on the role of Soli to save your world.

Together with the Warlocs team, we translated the game into several languages. I did the German translation.


“Unbound: Worlds Apart is a challenging, atmospheric and hand-drawn puzzle-platformer set in a universe where all worlds are connected by portals. You control Soli, a gifted young mage who has the power to open portals and control the unique properties of each world – such as inverse gravity, time manipulation, super strength and more.

Using these newfound skills, Soli must journey across dangerous and mysterious worlds, each brimming with secrets and challenges. You must use every skill Soli has to defeat a ruthless evil that is tearing reality apart, while learning the shocking truth behind your world’s collapse.”


Unbound: Worlds Apart for Nintendo Switch


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