List of all translations

Here you will find all translation projects from English into German. There are 288 completed translations of adventures, dating sims, visual novels, and other genres; several hundred thousand words in total.

Completed Translations:

[text] – A Summer StorysakevisualLocalization/QA
9 Monkeys of ShaolinSobaka StudioPartial localization
36 Fragments of MidnightPetite Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
39 Days to MarsIt’s AnecdotalLocalization/PR texts/QA
a2 ~a due~NavigameLocalization/QA
Access DeniedStately Snail, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Agatha KnifeMango ProtocolLocalization/PR texts/QA
A Hero and a GardennpckcLocalization/QA
AiroheartPixel Heart Studio, SOEDESCOLocalization/PR texts
AK-xolotl2Awesome Studio, PlaystackLocalization/PR texts/QA
Almightree: The Last DreamerCrescent Moon GamesLocalization
Alwa’s LegacyElden PixelsLocalization
Always The Same Blue Sky…Grant WildeLocalization/PR texts/QA
AmbreTräumendes MädchenLocalization/PR texts/QA
AMIFastermind GamesLocalization/QA
Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a QuestSpecialbit StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Anodyne 2: Return to DustAnalgesic ProductionsLocalization/PR texts/QA
An Owl and a CrowKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
Anyo’s LoveAntique-IvyLocalization/QA
A Rose By Any Other NameOLFIX ProductionsLocalization/QA
Artic SmashTailored IdeasLocalization
ASA: A Space AdventureSimon Says: Watch! Play!Localization/QA
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAurumDustLocalization/PR texts/QA
A Sparrow with Her Tongue CutKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire FrogsShattered_MoonLocalization/PR texts/QA
Axiom Verge 2Thomas Happ Games LLCLocalization/PR texts/QA
Back in 1995Throw the warped code out, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
BalancelotAnvilBird Interactive, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Batu Ta BatuEZSD, 2Awesome StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Beasts of Maravilla IslandBanana Bird Studios, Whitethorn DigitaLocalization/PR texts/QA
Being BeauteousTräumendes MädchenLocalization/PR texts/QA
Bird Game +Bryan Tabor, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Blind MenMan-Eater Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Bouncy BulletsPetite Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
BreathedgeRedRuins SoftworksLocalization/PR texts/QA
Bunny ParkCozy Bee Games, SOEDESCOPartial localization/PR texts
Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
CalicoPeachy Keen GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Castle PalsBrad Erkkila, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Caves n’ ChasmsChronicle GamesLocalization/QA
Charon’s StaircaseIndigo Studios – Interactive Stories, SOEDESCOLocalization/PR texts
Chasing StaticHeadware Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountain of MadnessPsychoDevLocalization/PR texts/QA
CleaInvertMouseLocalization/PR texts/QA
Clea 2InvertMouseLocalization/PR texts/QA
CloudpunkION LANDSLocalization/PR texts/QA
Cloudpunk: City of GhostsION LANDSLocalization/PR texts/QA
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & ButterflyToge ProductionsPartial localization
Concept DestructionThinice Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
CrossKrushThinice Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Crow and a ScarecrowKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
DaggerhoodWoblyware, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Days of the DivineCircle PegasiLocalization/QA
Delta SquadEskema Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
DemetriosCowcatLocalization/PR texts/QA
Democracy 4Positech GamesLocalization
DetentionRed Candle GamesLocalization
Devious DungeonWoblyware, Ravenous Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Devious Dungeon 2Woblyware, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Donuts’n’JusticeFobTi interactiveLocalization/PR texts
Doraemon Story of SeasonsMarvelous InteractivePartial localization
Double RomanceShwippieLocalization/QA
Dry DrowningStudio VLocalization/PR texts/QA
Duck Souls+Green Dinosaur Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ROSEVERTELocalization/QA
El Tango de la MuerteHernán SmichtLocalization/PR texts/QA
EpitasisEpitasis GamesLocalization
Escape From Pleasure PlanetUp MultimediaLocalization/PR texts/QA
Even the OceanSean Han Tani, Joni KittakaLocalization/PR texts/QA
Evil WizardRubber Duck GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Eye of the TempleRune Skovbo JohansenLocalization
Family ManBroken Bear GamesPartial localization
Fantasy BlacksmithHeaven BrotherhoodLocalization/QA
Fear Notkukiko-tanLocalization/QA
Finding a MurdererRobinsonLocalization/PR texts/QA
Flat KingdomFat Panda GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
FliplomacyShobhit SamariaLocalization/PR texts/QA
Football GameCloak and Dagger Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Forward to the SkyAnimuGameLocalization/QA
FoxylandBUG-Studio, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Foxyland 2BUG-Studio, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Freddy SpaghettiPlayful Pasta, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
FullBlastUFO Crash Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Ganbare! Super StrikersRese Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Gardener’s PathViridino Studios, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Garden of OblivionTräumendes MädchenLocalization/PR texts/QA
Generals & RulersHamsters GamingLocalization
Ghost FallKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
Gibbous – A Cthulhu AdventureStuck In AtticLocalization/PR texts/QA
GigaBashPassion Republic GamesLocalization
Golf ZeroColin Lane Games A, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Goodbye Volcano HighKO_OPLocalization/PR texts/QA
Gravity DuckWoblyware, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Gray DawnInteractive StoneLocalization/PR texts/QA
Grinning Heart: The MeetingMonittaLocalization/QA
Grinning Heart: The VoyageMonittaLocalization/QA
HammerMugenjohncelLocalization/PR texts/QA
Hard ResetFlying Wild HogLocalization/QA
Harmony: The Fall of ReverieDON’T NODLocalization
HatredDestructive CreationsLocalization/QA
Heartful Chance~!Studio SprinklesLocalization/QA
Heavy Metal MachinesHoplonLQA
Hide Or DieVecFour DigitalLocalization
Hoggy 2Raptisoft Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
HookedspaceNotePartial localization
HostilEteru StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
How To Fool A Liar KingROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
How To Sing To Open Your HeartROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
How To Take Off Your MaskROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
I Am The HeroFeiyu & Moongose, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Iron SnoutSnoutUp Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Invisible ApartmentMilan KazarkaLocalization/QA
Jack N’ Jill DRohan Narang, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Jet Set KnightsFobTi Interactive, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
John Wick HexBithell GamesPartial localization
JUJUFlying Wild HogLocalization/QA
JUMANJI – Welcome to the Jungle ExpansionMarmalade Game Studio LtdLocalization
Just Ignore ThemStranga Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
KanseisakevisualLocalization/PR texts/QA
Knightin’+Muzt Die StudiosLocalization/QA
League of EvilWoblyware, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Legend of the Piper GirlUnbroken HoursLocalization/PR texts/QA
Legends of Talia: ArcadiaWinged CloudLocalization/QA
Lemon CakeCozy Bee Games, SOEDESCOPartial localization/PR texts
LevelheadButterscotch ShenanigansLocalization/PR texts/QA
Leviathan: The Last Day of the DecadeLostwood LLCLocalization/PR texts
Lonely Wolf TreatNomnomNamiLocalization/QA
Long Live The QueenHanako Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Lord Winklebottom InvestigatesCave MonstersLocalization/PR texts/QA
Lost EchoKickBack StudiosLocalization/QA
LoveChoiceAkaba StudioLocalization/QA
Love EsquireYangyang MobileLocalization/PR texts/QA
LuckslingerDuckbridgeLocalization/PR texts/QA
Madaline’s Misplaced MiscellanyMorgan HawkeLocalization/PR texts/QA
MatterConcrete GamesLocalization/PR texts
MechaNikaMango ProtocolLocalization/PR texts/QA
MekaboltSomepx, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
METAGALRETRO Revolution, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Midnight DeluxePetite Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Midnight Scenes 1: The HighwayOctavi NavarroLocalization/PR texts/QA
Midnight Scenes 2: The Goodbye NoteOctavi NavarroLocalization/PR texts/QA
Milo’s QuestlightUP, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Mined PlantsRedpaper GameworksLocalization/PR texts/QA
Miranda’s ChoiceNMG2 LimitedLocalization/PR texts/QA
Mochi Mochi BoyPixelteriyaki, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Mountain PigeonKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
MouseCraftCrunching KoalasPartial localization/QA
My Burning HeartErtal GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
My Magical Cosplay CafesakevisualLocalization/QA
Nairi: Tower of ShirinHomeBearStudioPartial localization
NanolifeCircle PegasiLocalization/QA
Natural – Beyond Nature –Zeiva IncLocalization/PR texts
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!Alasdair Beckett-KingLocalization/QA
Nelson and the Magic Cauldron: The JourneyManuel Schenk GamesLocalization/QA
Night at the HospitalTeam SnugglebunnyLocalization/QA
Nine Noir Lives  Silvernode GamesPartial localization
Neon Junctions9 Eyes Game Studio, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
NeurodeckTavroxGamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
OcultoEteru StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
OknyttNemoria EntertainmentLocalization/QA
Omega StrikeWoblywareLocalization/PR texts/QA
One EscapeBUG-Studio, Ratalaika GamesPartial localization/QA
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner PartyDarkChibiShadow, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
One More DungeonStately SnailLocalization/PR texts/QA
Orbital Cargo DivisionManuel Schenk GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Ord.Mujo Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
ParallyzedDouble CoconutLocalization/QA
Paw Paw PawSimpleton, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Peasant Knight4AM Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Perfect GoldYangyang MobileLocalization/PR texts/QA
Phantom SeedsZeiva IncLocalization/QA
Pinkman+Viridino Studios, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Pixel Shinobi Nine demons of MamoruAmetist studioLocalization
Plot of the DruidAdventure4Life StudiosPartial localization/PR texts/QA
Press X To Not DieAll Seeing Eye GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Princess BattlesNekomura GamesLocalization/QA
PsycholonialsAndrew HussieLocalization/PR texts/QA
Qasir al-WasatAduge StudioLocalization/QA
Radio SquidPixelteriyaki, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Random Heroes: Gold EditionWoblyware, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
RE: Alistair++sakevisualLocalization/PR texts/QA
Red BowStranga, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Reed RemasteredPXLink, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Reflection of MineRedblack Spade, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Red Ogre and Blue OgreKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
Return to Monkey IslandTerrible Toybox, Devolver DigialLocalization/QA
Reversion 1: The Escape3f interactivePR texts/QA
Reversion 2: The Meeting3f interactiveLocalization/PR texts/QA
Ristorante AmoreCyanide TeaLocalization/QA
Rocket VoidTailored IdeasLocalization
RoofbotDouble CoconutLocalization/QA
Rush Roverradio, indienova, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
SagebrushRedact Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Sakura CupidWinged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura GamerWinged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura SuccubusWinged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura Succubus 2Winged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura Succubus 3Winged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura Succubus 4Winged CloudPartial localization/QA
Sakura Succubus 5Winged CloudPartial localization/QA
Saint KotarRed Martyr Entertainment, SOEDESCOLocalization/PR texts/QA
Saint Kotar: The Yellow MaskRed Martyr EntertainmentLocalization/PR texts/QA
Saint MakerYangyang MobileLocalization/PR texts/QA
Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The BeginningEntertainment Forge, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Second Hand: Frankie’s RevengeRikoduLocalization/PR texts/QA
SephonieMelos Han-Tani, Marina Kittaka, Analgesic ProductionsLocalization
Shadow of Loot BoxStately Snail, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
ShippedMajorariattoLocalization/PR texts/QA
Signed XSelaviLocalization/QA
Snow LightWest Dragon ProductionsLocalization/QA
Sparrow and WoodpeckerKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena EditionRohan Narang, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks)Ian & ElieLocalization
Starfighter: EclipseDate NightoLocalization/QA
Star Vikings ForeverRogue SnailLocalization/PR texts/QA
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechImage & Form GamesLQA
Stone Story RPGMartian RexPartial localization
Stormhill Mystery: Family ShadowsSpecialbit StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Sumatra: Fate of YandiCloak and Dagger Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Summer Found MeSelaviLocalization/QA
SunsetTale of TalesLocalization/QA
Super Destronaut DXPetite Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Super Destronaut: Land WarsPetite Games, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Super Weekend ModePixelteriyaki, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Super Wiloo DemakelightUP, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Sweet EscapesRedemption GamesLocalization/PR texts
Syrup and the Ultimate SweetNomnomNami, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Takorita Meets FriesROSEVERTELocalization/PR texts/QA
Tales from Windy MeadowMoral Anxiety StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
TamikuJosyan, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
TELEFORUMMonumental Collab, CRITICAL REFLEXLocalization
TemtemCrema, Humble GamesPartial localization/LQA
TerraTechPayload StudiosLQA
TETRA’s EscapeABX Games Studio, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
The Crane LadyKudo MasahiroLocalization/QA
The Cute, Light, and Fluffy ProjectSeveralLocalization/PR texts/QA
The DiaryYangyang MobileLocalization
The ElevatorCyanide TeaLocalization/QA
The Four AlicesMia Blais-CôtéLocalization/PR texts/QA
The Hand of GloryMadit Entertainment, Daring TouchLocalization/PR texts/QA
The Knife of the TraitorCluaLocalization/QA
The Legend of the SkyfishMgaia Studio, Crescent Moon GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
The LibrarianOctavi NavarroQA
The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy’s SummerAeihuLocalization/QA
The Mims BeginningSquatting Penguins TeamLocalization/QA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 1Rafael GarcíaQA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 2Rafael GarcíaQA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 3Rafael GarcíaLocalization/PR texts/QA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 4Rafael GarcíaLocalization/PR texts/QA
The Sparrow’s GourdKudo MasahiroLocalization/PR texts/QA
The QuestionATP ProjectsLocalization/QA
The Wild CaseSpecialbit StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Thunder PawSergioPoverony, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Thy SwordGamePhase, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Tiny EmpireMgaia StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Tokyo DarkCherrymochiLocalization/QA
Toodee and TopdeedietzribiLocalization
TopokoIs Future BrightLocalization/PR texts/QA
Train of AfterlifeZeiva IncLocalization/PR texts/QA
Treasure Adventure WorldRobit GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Twin RobotsThinice GamesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Typical NightmareELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENTLocalization/PR texts/QA
UltraGoodness 2Rasul Mono, Ratalaika GamesLocalization/QA
Unbound: Worlds ApartAlien Pixel StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Unforgiving – A Northern HymnAngry Demon StudioLocalization/PR texts/QA
Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson RealmDawnatic GamesPartial localization
Verity, Liar, ActorAlteLocalization
VirtuaVerseTheta DivisionLocalization/PR texts/QA
Voices from the SeaZeiva IncLocalization/PR texts/QA
Warlock’s TowerMidipixel, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
Warp FrontierBrawsomePartial localization
We Happy FewCompulsion GamesPartial localization
When The Past Was AroundMojikenPR texts
Whispering WillowsAkapura GamesLocalization/QA
Who Is Mike?Fervent StudioLocalization
Witch SpellStudio SprinklesLocalization/PR texts/QA
Xenon Valkyrie +Diabolical MindLocalization/QA
YesterMorrowBitmap Galaxy, Blowfish StudiosLocalization/PR texts/QA
Zeroptian InvasionJosyan, Ratalaika GamesLocalization
ZuVictor Moura (Cronus)Localization/QA


Nachtigal by Cyanide Tea
Pyrite Heart by Winged Cloud
Silence of the Sleep by Jesse Makkonen
Taarradhin by Cyanide Tea
The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook by Winter Wolves
Victorian Olives by Boomsickle
Witch/Knight by Cyanide Orphans