“Permanent Error” by Karl-Heinz Land and Leonie Schulze Bölling – Editing

Today I would like to introduce you to a book for which I did the editing as part of Books on Demand.

Permanent Error by Karl-Heinz Land and Leonie Schulze Bölling is a so-called economic thriller that aims not only to entertain, but also to enlighten and inspire. The subject matter is highly topical and the book provokes thought-provoking impulses that encourage us all to reflect and influence the shaping of our future.

Das Buch ist ab sofort als E-Book, Hardcover und Taschenbuch erhältlich. Mehr Informationen findet ihr außerdem auf der offiziellen Website: 


Pages: 324 pages
Release date: November 24, 2020
ISBN: 978-3751975414


“Michael Bakers fictional story is based on true events. He is a business journalist known for his irrepressible curiosity and unconventional perspective on the world. A friend asks him for help and shortly thereafter is found dead in a dumpster at the Wolfsburg Art Museum. Michael suddenly finds himself under suspicion of murder and gets deeper and deeper into the machinations of corporations, politicians, and white-collar criminals on the international stage. He is supposed to help avenge a VW manager who was convicted in the wake of the emissions scandal. His research takes him from Wolfsburg to Brazil, into the realms of the rainforest mafia, across America to Russia on the trail of the oil industry. He learns about the true background of the diesel affair and gradually understands how even ordinary employees can quickly be swept up in the maelstrom of our current economic and incentive system. Michael recognizes the permanent flaw in our social, economic, and political order. He understands what connects the events and intrigues he gets caught up in, and why they lead to such disastrous consequences as lies, deceit, and criminal energies – even murder. All this happens during the time of the first great Corona pandemic.

But Michael does not simply judge right or wrong, law or morality. He astutely shows a clear way out of the dilemma and the great crisis. It’s all a matter of incentive design, corporate culture, and environmental-social circularity.

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