I cannot open game XYZ. What should I do? If the downloaded game is a file with the extension .zip, you will need a so-called file archiver program. On the Internet, you can find many free programs that are able to unzip those files. If you have installed such a program, you can unzip the game with a certain command (for example: “extract here”).

If the downloaded game is a file with the extension .exe, anti-virus software may prevent the game from playing or downloading. All visual novels that can be downloaded from this page are free of viruses and/or dangerous software. Deactivating your anti-virus software for a short time or adding the file to the exceptions, may solve the problem.

I’m asked for money if I want to download XYZ, even though the game should be free. What should I do? Some developers upload their games on so-called Sharehoster pages. The download is free for users and sometimes they offer a special premium account for money. However, this has nothing to do with the actual game and you can still download it for free by clicking on a download button.

When will XYZ be released? The development of visual novels or the translation may take more time, depending on how large the game is. It is often not possible to give an exact date and instead I will just release the game as soon as it is possible. However, you can take a look at a list of upcoming German translations on this page: Translations.

I found a typo in XYZ. What should I do? Typos can happen from time to time. You can report typos or other bugs in the games by using the comments button in a post. I will fix the bugs as soon as possible and will upload a new version.

Will there be a physical edition of Legend of the Silver Fox? Currently, there are no plans to create a physical edition. This is due to certain legal situations, which require a lot of money, and because of shipping issues from Germany. If there is a huge demand, I will consider it in the future. Please do not expect it to be anytime soon, though.

Can I get Legend of the Silver Fox for free? There will be fan art contests every now and then. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I will announce those contests there. Depending on how many people take part in those contests, I can give away more copies of the game. Also, I will consider bundles and other giveaways in the future. Stay tuned!

I have another question. What should I do? Just write a comment under a post or leave me a message elsewhere: Facebook: MrMassimow Twitter: Massimow E-Mail: info[at]