Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas Wishes

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! So much happened in 2013, and I’m already looking forward to the upcoming year.

What awaits you in 2014? Many new translations will be released next year. Five games are already translated and I guess the releases won’t be far away now. Many of you are looking forward to my first Otome visual novel Legend of the Silver Fox. We made a lot of progress here! The story, the art, the music, and the opening song everything comes together, and soon I’ll be able to put everything into the script.

Furthermore, I want to release my new fantasy novel Depths of Forever (German). The script is almost done, and it won’t be long until I can take care of all the other things that are needed for a book publication. In 2014, some (German) stories will be published, which I edited for the Weltenschmiede Publishing House. I’ll give you more information once I know more about the projects.

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