“Die Obsession” by Nuray Çeşme – Editing

Today I would like to introduce you to a book for which I did the editing as part of Books on Demand.

Die Obsession – Wenn eine Begegnung zum Verhängnis wird is is the second book by Balıkesir-born author Nuray Çeşme and a psychological thriller about online dating and ghosting.

With her biography Der Wille versetzt Berge – Aus dem Leben einer türkischen Gastarbeiterfamilie, the author already published a very intimate and political work in 2016. (Report on Welt.de) Feel free to read it; the author also has some readings planned.

Pages: 340 pages
Release date: May 29, 2019
ISBN: 978-3749439546


“Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, 10:00 pm. A shadow lurks in the darkness, watching the windows of an apartment and the everyday life of its inhabitants hidden behind them. A life Amelia can only dream of. A love she cannot have.

Amelia is a spirited Italian. Marlon is a womanizer with a troubled past. However, after a brief but intimate romance between the two, it is already over. Amelia becomes a victim of ghosting. But Amelia has no intention of giving up her dream just like that. She becomes more and more entangled in a dangerous obsession and soon she forgets who she really is.

Amelia wants to show Marlon that deep down he still loves her. But can she really win back his love without losing herself?”

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