Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard – English Translation

Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard by WatchDaToast is an old-school point&click tale, inspired by classic animated movies and adventure games of the 90s. The game was released on Steam in December 2022, and I am happy to announce that I have translated the game completely into English.


“Strange things are happening in the animal kingdom of Velehill. Unknown shadows of large appearance are seen roaming through the forests and making the ground shake with every step of their steel feet. Houses and trees are destroyed and one animal after the other seems to disappear mysteriously.

Finn, a young roebuck, soon finds out about the disappearance of his family as well. Without hesitation, he goes on a journey to find them, not knowing he and his new friend Gwen the owl will soon uncover a dark secret that should have been kept hidden for all eternity…”



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